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MKT 335 Marketing Research - Jiang

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Market Research

"The primary function of market research is to define the problem and identify a market opportunity to assist the company in making decisions. Market research includes research activities for sensing, learning from and understanding customers, competitors and macro-level market forces." [Market research. (2011). In H. Thota, & Z. Munir, Palgrave Key concepts: Key concepts in innovation. Macmillan Publishers Ltd. Credo Reference.] 

Market Research data categories:

Primary data is collected directly through interviews, focus groups, surveys, observation, etc. by marketing firms and researchers conducting primary research for a company or organization. 
Secondary data is data which has been collected by a third party. This includes market research reports from commercial publishers and data from government or trade associations. Published market research reports often include data with industry overviews, market size, market share, trends, consumers, etc.  [From NYPL Market Research Guide]

The resources at Bowman Library are a good source of secondary data - published market research reports and industry profiles are available through databases introduced in this guide. Other resources will provide data on consumers, their purchasing and spending habits, as well as news about current market trends and product innovations.

It's good to remember that the research process is iterative. Each new element of information you find, will inform your next steps as you fill in the gaps in your knowledge and work to complete your project. As a result, the topic you start with might not have exactly the same focus as the final project you put together. 

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