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HUM 307 Diversity in the Workplace - Washington

Diversity in the Workplace

This guide will help you in completing assignments in Diversity in the Workplace. Remember as you search for information, it's important to keep track of where you've been, which sources you've consulted, and where you find different pieces of the information you ultimately make use of in your final paper or project. Every piece of information you use, will need to be cited in your final project.

And, remember, the research process is iterative. Each new element of information you find, will inform your next steps as you fill in the gaps in your knowledge and work to complete your project. As a result, ideas you start with might not be those you finally focus on as the final project takes shape.

Workplace Culture


From inclusion to support, how to build a better workplace

 "Create a culture that enables “interruption” and provides incentives for action. For years, businesses have emphasized training that raises awareness, but those programs often turn employees into spectators who are aware of bias issues but feel unmotivated to change them. Leaders should work to develop a culture that encourages employees to turn their awareness into concrete behavior and to speak out and disrupt a problematic workplace culture. Part of the goal is to communicate about these new expectations and bring them into everyday workplace culture."

Rae, S. (2019, June 17). From inclusion to support: How to build a better workplace. New York Times. Retrieved from

Difference between search and resarch