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ENG 102 - English Composition - Mendelman SP 24

Welcome Message

Welcome to your Bowman Library guide for English 102.


Use the menu on the left hand side to navigate to different pages.  This guide will help you fight the right databases, help you understand how to research using keywords, how to find credible sources, how to cite in MLA style, and how to find popular and scholarly sources.

If you need any help or have questions about the material in this guide, please ask for help at the Library.  We are here to answer your questions and help you with your research!  Check out the last page in the menu "More Help" to find out the different ways to get in contact with us.

Video- Keyword searching

The keywords you use in your search directly influence your results so it is important to come up with terms that are most relevant to your topic. To learn more about search strategies watch this video: