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Student-Led Research Services


Carissa Tomlinson, Director of Student Experience, Learning, & Accessibility at University of Minnesota Libraries, will work as a consultant with the Bowman Library team April-June to explore, recommend, and design student service opportunities. This includes opportunities that deepen research skills among our Library Student Assistants so they can engage with the broader student body in peer research services. She will assist in planning and developing the intensive training program required for students to serve in this type of role. 

About Carissa Tomlinson

photo of Carissa Tomlinson

Carissa Tomlinson has published and presented extensively on library employment practices that support student engagement. Read more about her here.

"As the Director of Student Experience, Learning, & Accessibility I focus on student success through student outreach, teaching, and the user experience. As a Director, my job is to make connections across campus and draw on the expertise of my amazing staff in order to lead and oversee the library strategy for learning and outreach to students. I work to advocate for services and resources that bolster student success while also supporting my staff in their important roles. Plus, I get to do the fun things like spin the prize wheel at orientation and march in the Homecoming parade!"