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PSY 400 Empirical Research Methods

Resources in support of Psychology 400 with Dr. Miller

Guide to Psychology 400

This guide will help you with empirical research methods and information evaluation. You are now becoming part of the "scholarly conversation."

Tip: Keep an Open Mind.

While you explore and evaluate scholarly sources, it's important to remember that the research process is iterative. The topic you start with will most likely change as you read the literature, learn more, and hone in on the topic area on which you will focus.

mind map of personality and personality theoryFinding Topics and Overviews

  • Encyclopedias are a great place to find authoritative overviews of key theories and explore possible research topics.
  • Note any key terms, names, dates, etc., and check the bibliographies at the end of the articles for useful sources.

Slides for Review

Librarian Appointments

Because Libraries can help take your research