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MGT 364 Design Thinking & Business Innovation - Paton

Lists useful databases and other resources to help you find the information you need for projects and assignments.

Business Innovation, Design Thinking, & Sustainability

The following resources are a great place to begin any project or paper for this course. Use them to help define your terms, fill in background information, or to bring your knowledge up to date.

CQ Researcher - Presents reports on contemporary issues. Search "plastic waste" for more information. 

Credo Reference - an electronic collection of books, including many on business. This is a good place to look, in addition to your textbook, for definitions and background information on course-related topics. It's a useful place for finding good keywords for searching for articles in the databases listed below.

EBSCOhost - Contains journal, magazine, and newspaper articles; search by topic keyword.

The New York Times - A good place to search for news articles, editorials, in-depth analyses, and business news that may be useful for the study of your topic. **Activate your free Menlo College subscription from on-campus or from off-campus.

Find books, ebooks, articles, and reports in the Bowman Library Catalog

Bowman Library Catalog - search by keyword or subject heading to find books in the Bowman Library collection. Try searching by an organization's name. Some suggested subject headings useful for this course are listed below: