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LIT 305 The Immigrant Experience - Pena

Guide to Literature 305

This Guide will help you with preparing for your presentation on the immigrant experience and the novel you have chosen.

Best Resources for this Course

Finding Background Information

Your presentation must include background information on your novel or memoir that is supported by research from credible and authoritative sources. 

Bowman Library subscribes to databases that will help you locate information quickly and easily.

Use the following database links for your assignment:

Finding Books and Ebooks

Bowman Library has a large variety of books and ebooks that are chosen for their relevance to the courses offered. You can access ebooks directly from the library website whether your off or on campus. Books and ebooks are good for finding overviews and history of your topic. ‚Äč You don't need to read the whole book to get the information you need for your project; often one chapter of a scholarly book will cover the information you need.

Tip: Use [SU:author name] in the search box to find items about the author of the novel or memoir.

Example:[SU:Min Jin Lee]


Find books by searching the library catalog:



Use one of Google's advanced search operators for more accurate and faster results:


Example: [ Pachinko] - will give you results only from the New York Times


Difference between search and resarch