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ENG 450 Research Writing - Poulsen

Guide to Research Writing

This guide brings together many of the sources that will help you complete your assignments and ultimately the major paper you will turn in at the end of the semester.  It's good to remember that the research process is iterative. The topic you start with might not be the focus of the paper you write. Along the way, the research you conduct, and the information you uncover, may lead to new questions, or take you in a direction you did not initially expect. 

Remember: When off-campus, you will need to sign-in with Menlo username & password to access the online subscription databases described below.

Developing a Working Knowledge of a Topic

Finding Background and Biographical Information

Reference resources, like those below, can help you understand a topic, learn about its historical background, and identify keywords to use for further searching. These sources also often contain biographical information as well.