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ENG 101 English Composition - Poulsen

Guide for ENG 101 English Composition

This guide is your starting place for research.  It has a list of places to start researching, and also some handy guides on to how to search.  If you get stuck in your research check out the More Help page.  The librarians are always happy to answer your questions, and give you individual help with your research.

Here is a link to the

Persuasive Essay Research Exercise:  


How to search a specific site in Google

SITE Searching

One way to target results in Google is to employ the site search. This requires you use a specific phrase before adding search terms to tell Google you only want results from a specific website or domain. The search always begins with site + colon + URL or Domain all without any spaces; next, add a space and insert your search terms. See the examples below - 

  • food sports performance  This search phrase tells Google that you'd like results from the New York Times website that mention food, sports, and performance.  **Using a site search is one of the best ways to search for articles on a given topic in the New York Times**  
  • site:gov food AND 'climate change' This search phrase tells Google you'd like to see articles, reports, etc., from government websites concerned with food and climate change. Because we want Google to search climate change as a phrase, it's important to put the two words in quotes. [This search is limited to the period 2017-2022]
  • site:gov food nutrition 'mental health' Another example of a search in government websites for the connection between food and mental health. Notice that we put mental health in quotes to search it as a phrase.
  • site:edu food sustainability environment  This search phrase tells Google to retrieve articles published by or in educational institutions using the key terms food sustainability and environment. [The result set has been limited to the date range 2017-2022]

How to Avoid Bias in Your Searches

How to Avoid Bias in your Searches - click to access video