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ENG 085 Basic Reading & Writing Skills for International Students - Conradson

ENG 085 Guide

This guide will help you research and complete your argumentative essay assignment. This page features library databases and other resources to help you uncover needed information. Navigate to the other pages in this guide (located in the blue menu on the left side) to find citation information as well as ways to receive more help from librarians and the Writing Center.


Best Resources for this Course

Find Background, Articles, & Statistics

Below are some great resources to use when you need to research a topic.

  • Try the links below to find a wide variety of information
  • Check out Statista to add specific data to strengthen your argument

News & Magazine Articles

Use these resources to find credible, popular articles. Both the NYT and Flipster are available as apps.

SITE Searching in Google

Another place to search for information is simply to 'Google it.'  How can we be sure the results are useful?

Whenever finding information online, remember to think about the following - 

  • Who is the author or sponsor of the article?
  • What is the purpose of the information being published?
  • Is there an obvious bias or a viewpoint being put forth?
  • How authoritative is this source?

Using Google's site search requires you to use a specific phrase before adding search terms or keywords by telling Google you only want results from a specific website or domain. The search always begins with site + colon + URL or Domain all without any spaces; next, add a space and insert your search terms.

See the examples below - 

  • gun violence teens  This search phrase tells Google that you'd like results from the New York Times website that mentions gun violence and teens.  **Using a site search is one of the best ways to search for articles on a given topic in the New York Times**  You can use the Tools link to limit the date range. Here the search results have been limited to 2019-2022.
  • site:gov crime rates AND 'socioeconomic status' This search phrase tells Google you'd like to see articles, reports, etc., from government websites concerned with crime rates and socioeconomic status. Because we want Google to search socioeconomic status as a phrase, it's important to put these two words in quotes. [This search is also limited to the period 2019-2022]
  • site:edu race AND 'socioeconomic status' This search phrase tells Google to retrieve articles published by or in educational institutions having to do with any connection between race and socioeconomic status.

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