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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Bowman Library, Menlo College


Dear Menlo Community,


The world is facing many types of challenges, and as members of Menlo’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, we would like to extend President Weiner’s message by specifically discussing the societal challenges posed by institutional racism.

We condemn the murder of George Floyd. We stand against institutional racism and against those who would use the tools of power to dehumanize members of our society and even kill with impunity individuals like George Floyd, who represent people who traditionally have not had recourse. We cannot authentically celebrate the successes of our institutions unless we grapple with their failures.

We look forward to discussing with the Menlo community the related problem of how a history of racism has resulted in people of color suffering the worst economic and health-related impacts of Covid-19. But now, in the spirit of Menlo College as an institution that embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion, we stand in solidarity with all those whose hearts long for justice as we mourn the senseless murder of George Floyd. Unfortunately, he is one of many; we could have just as easily announced our desire for a society that universally engages in compassion and values the sanctity of Black and Brown bodies—a society in which every person would react in horror at the unwarranted killing of Breonna Taylor.  Of Ahmaud Arbery.  Of so many others.

We insist on inclusivity.  True freedom cannot come at the expense of others’ lives and cannot come by using instruments of power—like the police and the law—to encourage power inequity to the advantage of some favored members of society.  To the contrary, true freedom (life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, even) is only realized when all can equally share in it—a truth that is part of the mindset of an institution like Menlo and that we aspire to be universally accepted by all who reside within this nation.

That is what we believe in. That is what Menlo College believes in: equity and inclusion for all.

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

Menlo College

Menlo College's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

"preserves, cultivates, promotes, embraces, and celebrates diversity on campus and ensures that diversity is understood, respected, accepted and valued."

We hope you will use this guide to expand your knowledge of the important issues surrounding social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion.

The resources on this guide are not meant to be exhaustive but instead a jumping off point to facilitate learning.

The books below are available in electronic format from Bowman Library's collection and are available to the entire Menlo Community. Click on the book cover image to access.

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Online Resources

Here are some online resources for learning more about racial inequities: